We work exclusively with the outdoor industry to create digital assets that help to boost and refine their businesses through strategy, communication and beautiful design.

Utilising our years of experience creating stunning digital assets and our genuine passion for adventure and the outdoors, we will work with you to give you the boost needed to reach that next level. Unlike a company that works with everyone and anyone, our services our tailored to suit yourself and your business.

Our approach can be seen as a little unorthodox by some. As opposed to the usual boring meeting room setting we like to do things a little different. If you sell packrafts, let’s go out packrafting. If your run a foraging the school, take us foraging. We want to feel, live and breath the project.

Every company tries to stand out to get your attention. We don’t. We just want to get you the same results as we have gotten our other happy clients.

“My experience with Pixels & Crampons has just been phenomenal. They understood my business requirements and was able to tailor the design of both the website and promotional videos so that it provided maximum sensory impact. I realised very quickly that Kevin really understood the ethos and aims of my organisation and therefore was able to perfectly produce high quality work to meet the demands of our organisations and showcase our key stakeholders”.

 – Paul Lefever, Adventure Quest (UK) C.I.C

Our Services:

Responsive Web Design

Branding & Design

Video & Photography


We work with Adventurers, Expeditions, Equipment Manufacturers, Writers, Instructors, Retailers, Events & Festivals to refine and boost their businesses

We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions or subcontract the work to a junior team. Instead, we used our well-honed understanding, empathy, research and creative skills to craft projects that match your personality, brand and audience.

Our website services start at £1500 and we have limited slots each month. Currently, we only have one project slot available.

"During the process of developing my challenge and trying to keep the right approach for raising sponsorship and awareness Pixel & Crampons' skill have been fundamental. From creating a video creating a suitable image, to designing a website to my brief and keeping it clean, simple and flowing as I requested." - Ben Brindley, Trails and peaks

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